Complement Your Landscape Design with Masonry

For those looking to lessen the load with regard to ongoing landscape maintenance, utilizing masonry in the design of your yard may be a viable solution.

By incorporating elements such as rock, stone, concrete, and pavers, homeowners can add value to their property while also cutting back on the need for weekly cleanups. These smooth, low-maintenance alternatives to large expanses of grass create natural focal points, while alleviating the issue for those who may have difficulty nurturing grass or plants due to poor soil composition. 


Hardscape as a Landscape Alternative

It’s important to work high-quality masonry strategically into the layout of your property. As hard materials absorb heat from the sun, they can typically dry out the soil found underneath and surrounding these surfaces. As such, planting live materials inside rock areas is not recommended; rather, they should live in a zone which can both hold moisture and drain appropriately. 

Wood mulch tends to serve as the most ideal ground cover around most plants; shell beds can be an adequate substitute as well. 

Creating Spaces With Stone

Masonry helps to incorporate a variety of gathering spaces into your backyard, from functional features such as fire pits and outdoor kitchens—some including grills, countertops, sinks and electrical functions, to more decorative components like garden fountains and stone retaining walls and steps. These focal points work to extend your home’s interior to outdoor spaces effectively. 

By collaborating with a landscape architect, masons can work to turn a homeowner’s vision into reality, melding hardscape and softscape into a dreamscape both can be proud of for many years to come. Masonry typically comes into play with structures such as patios, stairs, pavers bordering the pool, as well as custom elements such as pavilions and outdoor dining areas. 


For more information on how you can cut down on necessary maintenance by incorporating masonry into your next landscape design project, contact Dodds & Eder today.