Create Your Dream Backyard With Landscape Design

Creating a dream backyard through customized landscape design can be an incredible experience, for both new and established homeowners alike.

While a professional landscaping company may be able to offer insight into the best design for the particular space in question, as well as provide the services needed to make this dream a reality, the concept typically originates with those who will be living among the landscape they create.


Planting the Seed

As with most complex undertakings, it’s advisable to begin by brainstorming a basic plan, taking into account factors such as proposed budget, desired features, even preferred brands and aesthetic stylings. 

Most concepts are at least partially tied to cost, with the tendency to cut corners to “save.” With landscape design, however, this can be a mistake, as longevity is key—both for softscape and hardscape elements. Investing more up front will pay dividends, both literally and figuratively, in the end, reducing the potential for repairs or complete replanting down the line. 

Research is critical at this stage to determine the best design choices for your particular lifestyle. Elements such as furniture, lighting and irrigation, and structures such as decks, patios, pools and playground equipment can play integral roles in the process.


Pretty vs. Purpose

For some, a backyard is merely an outdoor venue of sorts, intended for entertaining, cooking, playtime, and other activities. For others, the priority is creating more of a serene atmosphere within which to relax and unwind, secluded from the outside world. 

This preference dictates everything from ratio of lawn to concrete, the addition of stones and other accents, prevalence of flowers and shrubbery, and more. Is there a need for a storage structure such as a garden shed or workshop? Are fruit orchards and vegetable gardens part of your backyard vision? If so, each requires a designated area to thrive, and may frame how you choose to delegate available space. 

If ongoing upkeep is a concern, it may be preferred to reduce overall lawn size in favor of more low-maintenance perennials, brick borders, perhaps even a fire pit or outdoor dining area, to break up large expanses of green.


Each backyard is unique, reflecting the personalities and lifestyles of its inhabitants. From noise threshold to privacy and accessibility, and even the view of the landscape from within the home, creating your dream environment can encompass a number of factors, each of which will frame the ultimate evolution from concept to creation.

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