Embrace the Chill: Autumn Annuals on Long Island

Autumn may be months away, but now is the time to begin formulating a plan for your garden aesthetic. From planting fall bulbs to sussing out those annuals you wish to see flourish following the warmth of summer, it’s never too early to begin drafting your landscape design for the upcoming seasons.


Fall Flora Doesn’t Disappoint

Best known as the season of mums, pansies, and other fall favorites, autumn annuals are not limited to these colorful blossoms. Selections include dahlias, celosias, sunflowers, verbenas, dianthus, chrysanthemums, marigolds, ornamental peppers, and more. Zinnias, as well, are renowned as a nectar source for butterflies, right up until the first frost. 

Autumn annuals are built to both withstand the chillier nights, while bringing vibrant colors to each day, featuring hues including reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, and blues. It’s an ideal juxtaposition, when the sun is still warm enough to allow roots to grow until the ground freezes; fall showers are typically plentiful, though supplemental watering may be necessary, as well. 


An Ideal Window to Plant Ahead

Early summer is often an optimal time to plant, with roots sufficiently establishing themselves to facilitate flowering throughout September and October. This is also a perfect period to step up your herbal gardening game by exploring options such as parsley and fresh rosemary, which tend to thrive during the autumn season. 

Looking beyond the cooler months, this is actually the window during which spring blooming bulbs should be planted—everything from crocuses and daffodils to tulips and hyacinths. Adding a thick layer of mulch around the base will insulate from repeated freezing and thawing cycles, and should provide enough protection to ensure these flowers are ready to blossom as the weather warms. 

The Professional Touch

Dodds & Eder employs a staff of seasoned experts well schooled in assessing each property and making personal recommendations to suit your particular lifestyle. For more information on the selection of autumn annuals ideal for planting on Long Island, contact Dodds & Eder today.