How Much Does Landscape Design Cost?

One of the most common questions when planning a landscape design project is: How much is this going to cost? While the answer may vary drastically depending upon the scope of the intended plan, there are a number of factors which can contribute.

While it’s not expected that each property owner will necessarily understand the particular nuances of the industry, it’s crucial that you enlist the expertise of a professional to properly assess the expenses associated with your dream landscape. 


Think Big, Start Small

While the inclination might be to push forward with all improvements simultaneously, there is nothing wrong with executing a vast project in multiple stages. By breaking down the master blueprint into smaller, more manageable phases, customers can strike the perfect balance between what they envision and what they can ultimately afford up front. 

As the award-winning team at Dodds & Eder can attest, each job must be approached from a client-centric angle, taking into account the unique functional needs and aesthetic preferences outlined, as well as any budgetary restrictions which may factor in. Ultimately, with the proper communication up front, a workable plan can be constructed to fit any specifications.   


Assessing the Property

When beginning the planning stages of a landscape design project, be sure to take a thorough inventory of the site in question, taking note of those features which already exist, those that may be utilized in another form through relocation or refurbishing, and of course, those you wish to incorporate down the line. 

Once the initial vision has been established, this is where the guidance of a landscape designer comes into play, as crafting a master plan and mapping out the steps involved is key to itemizing the financial breakdown, as well as avoiding potentially costly mistakes. Don’t shy away from discussing budgetary constraints up front, as there may be measures that can be taken to accommodate limited funds. 


Quality Comes First

One of the most undervalued components of the landscape design process is the importance of quality sourcing. Plants purchased at a discount from an outside vendor, while cost-saving on the surface, can often result in limited shelf life, and ultimately, require replacing before season’s end. By enlisting the expertise of a professional firm, you can rest assured that only the top specimens are being selected. 

Other factors, such as the placement of trees and shrubs, and even the quantity of them, can contribute to—or detract from—the total cost. For instance, planting on either side of an entrance will cost more than planting a row of shrubs for privacy, which works out to less per plant. Annual plantings, while typically less expensive, are seasonal, and will likely require a second planting come autumn. This, compared to perennials and bulbs, which can be used to provide year-round color to a property. 


Final Decisions

Ultimately, it’s going to come down to which features are of prime importance to you, and the particular lifestyle you wish to cultivate. Perhaps large expanses of green lawn and complementary foliage is your preference; maybe having a designated area for entertaining or play is of greater significance. 

Depending upon how long you plan to live in the given residence, the costs associated with long-term maintenance, and the return on investment associated with any improvements you seek to make, this can inform your decision as to how to most sensibly delegate the funds available. 


The Dodds & Eder Difference

Thinking of planning a landscape design project for your home? Dodds & Eder can assist in determining the vision, function and scope of the installation of your dreams by helping to craft a plan centered around your estimated budget. Our team of seasoned craftsmen is known for employing expert planting techniques and construction methods, no matter if the property is an intimate backyard setting or a sprawling estate.

You can rest assured that the highest quality materials will be sourced—everything from trees, shrubs, and flowers to the elements needed for rock gardens, fountains, driveway paving, walkways, patios, pools, and more. By working with one company throughout, the process is conveniently streamlined, providing a continuity and efficiency seldom seen in the industry. 

The design is only the first part of the process, as Dodds & Eder is uniquely equipped to provide high-quality grounds maintenance on an ongoing basis, from lawn care and weed control to seasonal planting and trimming, as well as any irrigation and lighting needs you may have. Their skilled team prides itself on attention to detail, as evidenced by periodic property evaluations conducted as a means of quality control. 

To schedule a consultation, contact Dodds & Eder today.