Key Components to Maintain Your Home’s Landscape

Crafting a beautiful landscape design for your home is only half of the equation. Once installed, the key lies in maintaining your property through the seasons to properly preserve its aesthetic. 

While each property is unique and may require its own particular nurturing, there are several components to keep in mind no matter the size and scope of your landscape.


The Softscape

Chances are, at least a portion of your home’s exterior is comprised of grass, necessitating proper lawn mowing techniques to ensure it remains lush and green throughout the year. The equipment, too, should be maintained in order to prevent unnecessary damage to the blades over time. Weed control and fertilizer are essential, as is establishing a regular watering schedule, each of which may be affected by your climate zone and the type of grass seed used.


The Hardscape

If your property is enhanced by masonry, and the lawn is broken up by expanses of rock, stone, concrete or pavers, these, too, must be maintained to fend off the wear and tear that tends to come with inclement weather, and age. While this type of hardscape may cut down on the weekly lawn maintenance, take care not to neglect refreshing the ground cover—wood mulch is recommended—as needed. These architectural elements can go a long way in adding value to your property, while reducing the stress of weekly cleanups. 


The Schedule

No matter the structure of your landscape design, perhaps the most crucial component is establishing a seasonal schedule of tasks to be completed to ensure your property remains at its peak throughout the year. You can easily fend off fluctuations in weather by mapping out optimal times for fertilizing, seeding, planting, cleanups, and pruning. This advance preparation will go a long way in ensuring that everything from your grass, trees and shrubs to flowers, fruits and veggies will flourish. 


Of course, these responsibilities needn’t lie exclusively with the homeowner, as the assistance of a professional landscape design and maintenance firm can alleviate much of the workload. 

Dodds & Eder’s maintenance team provides property management for all clients, taking in weekly lawn care, weed control, seasonal planting and trimming, as well as any custom tasks required. Our skilled personnel and specialized equipment are essential to ensuring your home’s landscape looks pristine year-round. 

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