Pruning for a Purpose

Why do we prune?

Most obvious would be to insure good health for the plant. But we also prune: to give young plants a good branching system; to eliminate injury and liability to people and property; to keep plants in a manageable size; to eliminate weak, insect-ridden or diseased growth, and to improve the appearance of plants. Pruning is for a purpose.


Winter is a good time to prune while plants are still dormant. Dormancy assures that the plants will not ‘waste’ energy pushing out new growth. When spring arrives, plants will push healthy, vigorous growth.


Additionally, deciduous plants have already dropped their leaves, making it easier to see what corrective work needs to be done.


Sadly, winter storms that bring snow and strong winds can do considerable damage to landscape plants; it’s best to eliminate any dead or weak wood on a yearly basis.


Can’t see out your windows because of pruning neglect? Don’t despair! Severe pruning or ‘crewcuts’ can be done to rejuvenate certain overgrown plants – this must be done before plants break dormancy.


Why choose Dodds & Eder?

Our crews are composed of highly-trained horticultural personal. We will meet with you to walk through your property, supervise the pruning to assure that you and your plants are happy every step of the way.


Dodds & Eder provides winter pruning services as part of its full suite of property management offerings. Contact our veteran staff of landscape maintenance and design professionals to plan your project today.