Make the Most of Your Small Space With Landscape Design

While large expanses of lush green lawns and cascades of flowering trees and shrubbery may portray the ideal landscape for some, the fact is you don’t need an extensive property to create the backyard of your dreams.

By stepping back, assessing the space you have to work with—no matter how small—and employing a strategic approach to crafting its design, a plot of land which may initially appear to have minimal potential can be fairly simply transformed into an intimate oasis fit for any type of garden gathering.

Visuals & Views

The illusion of space is one that can be created by incorporating a few key elements. The power of perspective lies in long straight lines, slanting toward one another into the distance. As such, entryways and paths can be flanked by narrow flower beds, giving the appearance of a full garden as you gaze into the property. Side yards, as well, should not be neglected during this process.

Visuals & Views

You may want to incorporate an arbor or pergola, both ideal for framing a view. The same can be said for small trees, shrubs, and even garden art. As a general rule, it’s best to keep plants vertical in compact areas, using dwarf varieties, wherever possible. Likewise, if space is at a premium, grass can be eliminated altogether in favor of patios and paving stones. Terracing plants can be useful in drawing the eye to different levels, as well.

Accents & Aesthetics

While foliage and greenery give an outdoor space a lush look and feel, adding color into the equation is what really makes a setting pop. It’s recommended you keep the palette simple, choosing two or three complementary colors and incorporating these accents throughout. Using bold, bright hues up front, with more muted tones behind, helps to create the illusion of added depth.

Accents & Aesthetics.

Utilizing the limited space to its greatest potential is key. This can take the form of a natural fence or screen, in dressing up the sides of plain sheds and house walls with hanging planters or ivy, or by turning “dead” spaces such as corners, sheds, garages and work benches into attractive nooks, by incorporating them into the design.

Furniture properly scaled to fit the property can serve to add a cozy element to the grounds by creating destinations for guests to gather, perhaps around a fire pit, on a patio or deck, or near a small fountain, fruit patch, or vegetable garden. Container gardening, as well, can be useful in cases where there is limited space for a full section to be carved out.


No matter the dimensions of your home’s exterior, landscape design can play an instrumental role in creating a beautiful backyard getaway perfect for all seasons.

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