Maintaining Through the Seasons

Once your landscape design is established, maintaining the aesthetic you have created becomes of prime importance.

As this is an integral component of any outdoor embellishments, landscape designers will often frame their initial concepts around the client’s preferences. In many instances, these revolve around a desire for low-maintenance property that can be fairly easily cultivated as the seasons progress. From seeding, watering and fertilizing to clearing leaves so they don’t rot your grass come winter, there are tasks to be completed throughout the year.

Some popular requests are perennials, which flower year after year, and typically grow well. Seasonal plantings, too, are appealing to those who want to have something blooming at all times. To prevent weeds and help water flow directly to the roots, mulch is key; or, if preferred, potted plants can also provide a portable, contained alternative.

As a general rule, the more diverse the selection of foliage, the better quality the soil will be. Investing in compost may be beneficial as well, as it can aid survival of the landscape during periods of drought. Design is best done with mature sizes of plants in mind, and an effort to use site-specific grasses and shrubbery will benefit their longevity.