Making the Most of Your Space

If your property is on the small side, there’s no need to abandon your visions of grandeur. Accommodations can be made simply by designing in inches, rather than feet, as precision becomes crucial. Plus, compact areas allow for larger indulgences when it comes to lavish materials. Mass plantings enhance the illusion of depth, as well.

Utilizing features such as window boxes and hanging porch plants, you can maximize space while not sacrificing in the aesthetic department. Companion planting can also be useful, as the proximity of flowers, fruits and vegetables enables cross-pollination. If this is not feasible, dwarf trees, climbing plants, and portable, flower-filled containers can make for added ambiance.

Natural foliage can also create borders, minimizing the need for man-made enclosures and fencing, which can tend to make an area look even more confined. Instead, the property will appear open, drawing a visitor inward toward the multiple focal points presented—visual discovery at its finest.