How to Customize Annual Plantings to Your Property

Annuals serve as a great addition to any property, no matter whether your home is sun-drenched or lightly dappled by morning light. Customizing your plant selection is key to ensuring that the flowers you choose will flourish for the duration of the season.

Sun and shade are two indicators that dictate the type of annual plants ideal for your environment, and should be noted prior to mapping out your landscape design.


Follow the Light in Your Landscape Design

Properties with mostly northern exposure are classified as full shade, while those with eastern sun fall more within the partial shade category (four to six hours per day). Western exposure typically dictates stronger sunlight, though this can of course be affected by the presence of leafy foliage. 

Sunlight can vary in strength through the day, with the warmest hours reserved for the afternoon, often necessitating additional irrigation to maintain suitably lush and vibrant foliage. Among the shade-loving favorites are begonia and fuchsia. 

Popular selections for the sunshine include petunias, zinnias, marigolds, snapdragon, and sunflowers, as well as tropicals such as mandevilla vine and hibiscus. Full-sun annuals require a minimum of six hours of direct light each day; lower intervals may cause some variations in growth, such as fewer blossoms and stretched stems, as well as a lesser degree of leaf variegation.

Options for Annuals: Dig In or Deck Out

If you’re undecided as to the placement of your plants, annuals make for great accents in pots, decorative containers, and hanging baskets—perfect for maneuvering from the front porch to the backyard perimeter to accommodate the ideal light exposure. 

Once you’ve properly surveyed the land and narrowed down the species you wish to provide a splash of seasonal variety, those destined to be planted alongside perennial staples should be evaluated for compatibility, both in color and size, to ensure your garden can flourish in harmony.   


For guidance on the types of annual plants best suited for your landscape design, contact our experts at Dodds & Eder today.