Spotlight: Tim Barry, Director of Landscape Design & Development

Dodds & Eder has come to be highly regarded in the landscape design industry for its stunning installations and meticulous attention to detail in crafting them. At the forefront of this creative process is Tim Barry, award-winning Director of Landscape Design & Development.

Timothy BarryA veteran of the industry for more than 30 years, Tim has had the great fortune to work with a wide selection of landscape owners, management and production teams, a learning experience affording him the opportunity to apply the most beneficial tools to creating the stellar design and service systems employed by Dodds & Eder today.

Building a Foundation

Tim’s passion for landscape design evolved from a love of art and background in industrial and architectural drafting in high school. This cross-section of interests ultimately led to his selecting a college major combining these two passions into a long and fulfilling career.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University, Tim went on to pursue his dream.

Through the years, Tim has mastered the art of balancing the many skill sets necessary for success in the field, from a solid foundation in the basics of good design to an extensive background in plant knowledge and an awareness of how the natural environment affects the work the firm crafts.

From Dream to Reality

Tim considers himself privileged to be able to have such a hands-on relationship with Dodds & Eder’s loyal clientele and take an active role in bringing its dream landscapes to life through his expert design direction. When asked which have been his favorite to work on, Tim’s answer is clear: Projects that make an impact on the lives of the families that love and live in their gardens.

Creating a seamless transition between spaces and taking advantage of the topography and reshaping it into its most efficient form can be a real challenge, but usually very satisfying.

While each residence and garden tends to present its own unique set of challenges—taking into account client expectations and budgets—Tim stands by the assertion that “all successful projects should complement their surroundings, and ultimately, have a true sense of place.”

Among the more difficult undertakings throughout the years have been those landscape designs involving extreme elevation. As Tim explains, “Creating a seamless transition between spaces and taking advantage of the topography and reshaping it into its most efficient form can be a real challenge, but usually very satisfying.”

An Evolving Industry

The way Tim sees it, the landscape design industry is one in which it becomes necessary to balance professional expertise with customer satisfaction.

“Don’t over-promise,” he cautions. “It’s a sure way to let someone down. But, if you commit to something, do everything in your power to make it happen.”

In the case of Dodds & Eder, Tim feels the company has been uniquely blessed with an exemplary collection of people.

Timothy Barry

“Our craftspeople care about the work they do and how it reflects on them, and ultimately, on us as a firm, which is so service-oriented,” he explains. “Like any industry, communication is key. The ability to listen to our clients’ needs and to exceed their expectations has always been the most rewarding aspect of what I do.”  

In that, Tim has made it his mission to learn about and appreciate any newer, “trendy” approaches that may come along, with an open mind to embracing those which have the potential to enhance the firm’s design work. Though a traditionalist at heart, with roots in an organized “form follows function” blueprint, Tim’s design aesthetic is constantly evolving.   

The Journey Continues

“Understand that this is a journey, and be open to new ideas,” he reflects. “Learn something new every day from those around you. Absorb the best, and file the rest.”

That philosophy, coupled with the support of an award-winning design and maintenance staff, is part of what has made Dodds & Eder such a force to be reckoned with in the Long Island landscape design industry.

For more information on their award-winning services, and to request a consultation on your next project, contact Dodds & Eder today.