Turn Your Landscape Into an Ideal Outdoor Living Space

Turning your landscape into an ideal outdoor living space may seem like a rather daunting task at first, but it can be accomplished with the perfect combination of strategic brainstorming and creative conceptualizing.

Take into account your personal lifestyle and the features best equipped to complement it. Couple this with a realistic budgetary goal, then consult with a professional landscape designer to turn your vision into a reality.  


Landscape Perfect for Your Lifestyle

Consider the functionality you wish your property to have. Do you see it serving as a gathering place ideal for entertaining, cooking, and playtime, or perhaps as more of a serene oasis perfect for escaping from the world beyond your fence? The answer will go a long way in helping to formulate an initial design concept to build upon


While some backyards are crafted around furniture, outdoor kitchen areas, lighting, irrigation, decks, patios, pools, and playgrounds, others may be best suited for subtle sections of fruit orchards and vegetable gardens, flower beds and decorative shrubbery. Garden sheds, workshops and garages may also come into play, depending upon the need for storage and space. 


All these factors will ultimately play a role in dictating the ratio of lawn to concrete, the need for stones and accents, and the degree of upkeep required. Regardless of the choice, however, it’s important to invest in high-quality materials up front, as this will pay dividends over the long haul.  


Of course, those with smaller swatches of property may find such lofty inspiration more difficult to come by. But with the right combination of elements, the illusion of space can be created, no matter the size of the landscape in question.


Maximizing Small Spaces

The power of perspective lies in long, straight lines, particularly those stretching from entryways and bordering pathways. When flanked by narrow flower beds, coupled with the strategic allocation of color—bold, bright hues up front, muted tones behind—the aura of added depth can be easily established. It’s best to limit the palette to two or three complementary colors for added pop.


Vertical space, as well, should not be discounted, as this provides ample opportunity to expand upward through the use of dwarf trees and shrubs, perhaps paired with an arbor or pergola to frame the ideal view. Natural fencing and screens and the strategic use of ivy can add a lush touch to the otherwise wasted space found on the sides of sheds or house walls. Similarly, hanging planters and container gardening can incorporate splashes of color, transforming ‘dead spaces’ such as corners and workbenches into cozy alcoves. 


Take care not to ignore side yard space when mapping out your landscape design, as such added real estate can be integral to conceptualizing your ideal outdoor layout. Furniture should be scaled to fit the property, arranged to create gathering spots where appropriate, and scattered strategically where designed for lounging and relaxation. 


Dodds & Eder provides landscape design as part of its full suite of property management services. Contact our veteran staff of professional landscape maintenance and design professionals to plan your project today.