Creating Your Dreamscape

Those dreaming of a backyard paradise may have their own unique vision, and the professional guidance of a landscape designer ultimately transforms this fantasy into reality.

Before requesting a consultation, it’s advisable to create a basic plan of your own, complete with a proposed budget, overview of existing and desired layouts, features you’d like to include, and even preferred brands, if applicable. As a general rule, higher quality products are recommended, as cutting costs will harm your wallet in the long run, and limit the longevity of your landscape.

Some options to consider when working with a fixed fund may revolve around the size of the land, ratio of lawn to concrete, stones and other accents, and the importance of flowers to the big picture. Depending upon your lifestyle and the purpose of the property to be renovated, allowances may need to be made for a deck or patio area, shed or additional storage facility, room for fruit or vegetable gardens, or perhaps a pool, gazebo or fire pit to serve as a gathering place.